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Engramm’s IELTS is a comprehensive and composite programme that is designed to maximise your success on the test day by equipping you with strategies and techniques you need to succeed. Who else other than Engramm, with successfully training over 5000 students realise their IELTS dreams, is ideally placed to help you get the result your deserve. Engramm IELTS is designed for students of high-school (15+ years of age) all-the way upto 30 years for higher academic qualifications.

Here are some reasons why you should choose IELTS with Engramm

Engramm IELTS will help you focus on the exam strategies you need in order to be successful with the IELTS test. You will become familiar with the test format and learn how to approach different sections of the test. Our highly-researched content along with extraordinary orientation is unparalleled in ensuring that every technique and tip is well-ingrained for your test day. Authentic practice materials will allow you to put these strategies into practice

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Engramm IELTS is a structured IELTS Preparation course which allows you to be in control of your learning. Designed for students who may not have much time but still need effective preparation, Engramm IELTS provides course updates, interactions with your private trainer your performance improvement information, all in one place. Engramm’s Srishti Learning System offers you the flexibility of choosing not only the parts of the exam you wish to focus upon but also the lesson, day, time, that best suit your needs. 

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Improvise your IELTS Vocabulary for free with puzzles

Engramm IELTS course is delivered and monitored by in-house IELTS experts – well-qualified and highly-experienced trainers who has seen hundreds of IELTS attempts through their students. Your personal trainer will guide you through the world-class techniques and tips which are available through animated videos to maximise your IELTS score. 

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Improvise your IELTS Vocabulary for free with puzzles

Engramm IELTS is the only platform that provides you choices for preparation – be it assured IELTS score with “Engramm IELTS Assisted” or to prepare on your own with world-class orientation modules and practices with “Engramm IELTS Self” or just to improve specific modules with “Engramm IELTS Mod” or psychologically readying yourself with timed IELTS mock-tests with “Engramm IELTS Mock”.

Engramm IELTS preparation is the only course which leverages technology for the best IELTS preparation. Not yet another content store, Engramm’s own Srishti Learning System is the best technology platform to keep track of your learning schedules, learning behaviour, updating study plans, interact and communicate with world-class trainers – your entire learning lifecycle automated

Engramm IELTS provides truest classroom preparation for IELTS in the online mode. Combining technology, student needs and tools, trainer monitoring and management along with world’s best privacy and security, Engramm brings the best IELTS preparation to every nook and corner

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