Enterprise Communication Skills

Delivering ideas powerfully in workplace of an enterprise has been a challenge with many students and professionals. After this course, students can effectively showcase improved business writing skills or verbal and presentation skills with confidence. Enhancing students’ identity and enterprises’ identity by presenting a powerful brand is the objective of this course

  • Write masterfully in your business communications
  • Present elegantly when representing your company
  • Creative ways to present and deliver your ideas
  • Learn terminology and skills that can be applied in telephonic conversations, business negotiations, written emails and reports
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Creating that lasting impression, polished communication skills at the workplace, developing relationships within the enterprise and outside, effectively use telephonic and email communications are basic necessity to get a promotion in your organisation or looking for the next job. Building longer-lasting relationships is the bottom line for professional success and Etiquettes training enriches you with that

  • Define the professional behaviour
  • Saying and Doing “The Right Things”
  • Understanding communication styles and how to adjust to each
  • Prepare for social and business meetings, business meal etc
  • Develop an action plan to improve professionalism in work areas
  • Identify and rephrase blunt wordings for a better professional communication

Time Management

Managing your time in order to meet the needs of both internal and external clients and delivering quality service, is a critical business requirement at every level.

  • Learn to compose and prioritise a master task list and realistic plans
  • Applying Three P techniques (Paraphrase, Position and Possibilities)
  • Select appropriate management style for delegates basis their skill and willingness to complete the task
  • Identify and managing interruptions, distractions and procrastinations
  • Avoid common time management mistakes
  • Urgent vs Important vs Urgent and Important principle
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Leader vs Manager

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Are you a Manager or a Leader? This training program covers the importance of leadership and decision making and will prepare participants for the difficult, daily challenges.

  • Become more effective communicators and leaders
  • Learn how to build loyalty and trust within your team
  • Motivate and inspire your team and prepare for difficult and hectic situations
  • Find out how to handle conflict in difficult conditions
  • Identify the key skills of effective leaders
  • Assess leadership behaviour and develop a leadership style according to your team

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing is part of the selection and assessment stage and is one of the most important aspects of the recruitment process. It is essential that professionals follow a well-designed and robust interviewing structure to ensure that effective recruitment decisions are made. It is important that everyone who conducts interviews, follows the same structure and that this structure is clear and embedded in the overall recruitment process.

  • Appreciate the underlying aspects of ‘best practice’ interviewing
  • Learn about behavioural based interviewing model
  • Understand what the key interviewing skills are
  • Effectively conduct telephonic interviews
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