This post is to share the knowledge and remind you that your IELTS preparation need not be alone. This post also details Engramm’s IELTS preparation course overview and free resources from Engramm for your preparations. IELTS Academic Listening has always been a challenging and your utmost attention to prepare with these content will help in a long way.

You will also find a lot of valuable information about IELTS test, strategies, tips and techniques. We also provide free Assessment for your IELTS preparation. 

IELTS Academic Listening​

When we counsel any IELTS student, the first thing we want to assess is their exam skills. So we ask them to complete a IELTS pre-assessment test, especially focusing on IELTS Academic Listening style questions in that. Almost always, the questions go to one side, and the candidates focus on the text and read it word-by-word from beginning to end. We always see some students panicking about words they don’t know. Meanwhile, the minutes are ticking away and no answers are being noted down…

In the IELTS Academic Listening test, active listening is the only skill that can help you in scoring. This post focuses on key strategies to improve your active listening skills that helps you to improve your IELTS Academic Listening score.

IELTS Academic Listening : Helpful Tips​

It is essential that you make the questions the priority rather than being nervous and waiting for the recording to start. Start by reading the questions so that you know what information you need to listen to when the recording is played. As you find the information, note it down straight away.

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  • Before the recording begins for any section, do read all the questions carefully. This will help follow the recordings and identify the answers easily.
  • Once a section is complete, you can move ahead and read up the questions for the next section.
  • At times, there will be a list of options to make a pick from. It is not necessary that the answers will be in the order you hear them, they may could also be listed alphabetically.
  • Do note the word limits for each section. If an instruction says, ‘Write no more than two words’, stick to it. If you write more than the specified limit, you may end up getting no marks for the attempted answer.
  • IELTS Listening pic
  • Be attentive and look out for the key words or synonyms (words with same or nearly same meanings as another word) from the question. This can help identify the answer. For instance, if you hear in the recording:
    “She likes going to the gym and playing tennis” Enrol for Corporate Communication Skills course to improve your skills on communication. Easy enrolment and instant access here
    ; it could reflect on your answer sheet/ screen (in computer-delivered IELTS) as “She is an active person.”
  • In questions where you have to write down words spelled out in the recording, you need to be well aware of the English alphabets and how they are pronounced. For instance, the alphabet ‘W’ is pronounced as ‘double-u’).
  • Listen carefully for words indicating the stage of the recording you are listening to, e.g. ‘firstly’, ‘my next point’, ‘to sum up’. These words help identify which question you have reached.
  • While listening to a recording, you can keep crossing out the options that do not fit. It makes it easier to find the right option.
  • If you have to mention dates in any answer, remember there are various correct ways to do so (e.g. April 24, 24th April and 24 April - all are correct).
  • If you face trouble in answering any question, leave it and move on. Don’t waste time on it and end up panicking. If you have time left in the end, come back to it later.
  • If you are taking IELTS on paper, you are given 10 minutes to transfer your answers from the Listening booklet to your answer sheet once the last recording is over. It is best to wait till the recordings end to transfer the responses to the answer sheet (and not in between sections) as you may end up missing some important information about the test’s next section.
  • We think it may be useful to revise your responses should you be required to answer the same in IELTS Academic Listening test.

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