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Questions remembered by our students​

Here is a compilation of the questions, as shared by our students. Especially, IELTS Academic Writing Essay question includes a sample essay too, thereby helping to build vocabulary around the topic. This post specifically captures the IELTS Academic Writing question that our students faced

IELTS Academic​

IELTS Academic Writing - Essay

Here is an IELTS Academic Writing – Essay question shared by our students and a sample essay. 

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IELTS Academic Essay: Information Technology

Information technology is changing many aspects of our lives and now dominates our home, leisure and work activities. To what extent do the benefits of information technology outweigh the disadvantages?

Some would argue that the revolution in information technology has a pernicious impact generally. In my opinion, the drawbacks related to social interaction do not outweigh the positive possibilities now available to the average person.

The legitimately worrying disadvantages to information technology concern interpersonal relationships. In the past, social interactions in person were more common. Today, a majority of these conversations take place through messaging apps and on social media.

The short-term result is that
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are on the decline. The longer-term implications will create wider social trends. As people interact and form groups online, they are more prone to think in the same way and get radicalised. What would normally be mitigated by one’s circle of friends and families, can now grow unabated in the virtual sphere with possible negative results for all of society.

The main advantages of the current day communications are increases in what is possible. These possibilities are most basically conveniences. Users can save time by taking advantage of their phones to send emails, make calls, organize their day and undertake a variety of other tasks. As technology evolves, it has even become more common for employees to work remotely and therefore conserve time and energy commuting to and from the office. Beyond these simple comforts, people are able to accomplish more with digital devices. This includes the ability to write with word processors, edit video on various applications, and then post and interact with a global audience through the internet and sites such as YouTube.

In conclusion, despite the threat of a less socially active world, there are justifying benefits concerning human potentiality. Both the positives and negatives must be weighed and managed carefully.

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