If you are planning to take the IELTS exams in 2022, the first question you need to have answered is: When are the upcoming IELTS exam dates?. IELTS exam dates are throughout the year in over 100 countries. Automatically, one more question that you need to answer is How soon can I secure my IELTS exam date? It depends on the type of IELTS exam that you are taking - paper-based or computer-based. You should also be clear whether you are taking IELTS General Test or IELTS Academic Test. Here are the key things that you need to know about IELTS Exam dates.

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IELTS Exam Dates

Here is what you need to know about IELTS exam dates

Important note on IELTS Exam date booking

Of course, booking an IELTS exam date isn’t always that simple. Keep reading for more information and finding and choosing the IELTS exam dates for you, and answer your frequently asked questions about IELTS registration!

How to look up IELTS Exam Dates in 2022

If you are not sure about how to start looking for your IELTS exam date, follow the steps below

  1. Visit the official IELTS exam date booking site 
  2. If you are in India, you can also book at the IELTS IDP India site.
  3. Under “Register for IELTS” select the  “IELTS.”
  4. Select your country from the drop-down list and click “Find a test location.”
  5. Choose your preferred center from the list of results and click “Book now.”
  6. Select the type of test you want (paper or computer-based), if the option is available and click on the “Register” button for that test.
  7. Select the type of test you want (Academic or General Training) and click on the “Book” button for that test.
  8. Choose your country from the drop-down list and fill out the information about special arrangements and the month or months when you want to sit the test, then click “Choose location.”
  9. Select your city, then pick the test center you want. You’ll be taken to a screen with a calendar with available dates. Click on individual dates to see the formats and start times available.
  10. For the registration steps (plus helpful information to know), check out our guide to IELTS registration!

IELTS Exam Dates: Availability in India

According to IELTS website, there are 82 official IELTS test centres in India. 

  • Of the 82, 32 of these centres offer Computer-based IELTS exams for IELTS Academic as well as IELTS General
  • As you can see, knowing the test centre is vital to finding your IELTS exam date. 
  • In India, for Computer-based IELTS exam date can be planned 10-15 days in advance whereas for Paper-based IELTS exam date, you should plan at least a month prior

IELTS Exam Dates: FAQ

IELTS scores are valid for two years.  Few organisations may decide to accept older scores (particularly true during the Covid-19 pandemic), so check with them before scheduling IELTS retest

IELTS exam fees varies based on where you take the test. For example, in India, the fees right now is INR 15,500 (for IELTS General and IELTS Academic; either paper-based or computer-based) and INR 15,700 for IELTS for UKVI 

Though it is possible to reschedule IELTS Exam Date that you have booked, you will be refunded the fee after deduction of admin fee and other related fee if rescheduled five weeks prior to the exam date. If the rescheduling is done with less than 5 weeks, you will have to forfeit your entire exam fees and will need a re-booking. 

Generally, a month or two is ideal to prepare for your IELTS exam. But can you prepare in 2 weeks to raise your IELTS score? Definitely! Check out with Engramm's IELTS preparation course for structuring a preparation schedule and trainer availability to provide the same world-class one-to-one training

On the day of the exam, you’ll show up at the test center about 1 hour and 15 minutes before the test begins to show ID and complete registration. The test begins with Listening, proceeds to Reading, and finishes with Writing. Speaking is scheduled separately.

In order to prepare you for what happens on IELTS Exam Day, we strongly recommend to check here

IELTS Academic - Study Abroad free resources

Engramm IELTS Prep

This section is for providing you the resources to look for if you have read-on till here

  • Build a structured study-plan
  • Choose the right online resources that suits your style. Note: These resources do not know your requirement or your skills and neither do they assure your success in IELTS exam
  • IELTS preparation through free resources can take you into circles – one suggesting vocabulary another suggesting grammar yet another requiring you to start from English language basics. They all lack expert feedback that provides you the areas of weaknesses to improve for your IELTS target score ambition

Explore the IELTS preparation course from experts

It is very important to seek experts’ feedbacks for your practices. Courses such as Engramm’s IELTS course provides you 1-to-1 training and brings about a structured approach for your IELTS exam preparations 

More Help for your IELTS Exam

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