With many of our students either are excited or nervous on their IELTS Exam Day, we thought our tips might help. These tips are going to help you for your IELTS Exam Day. You need to know a few of the important tips for IELTS exam day for qualify your test at best. Here are some tips for IELTS exam day for successful attempt.

When we speak about the IELTS Exam, many of the aspirants say they are preparing for the IELTS Exam and that you may find it difficult to pass this exam. It is because they have heard this from other aspirants who have not prepared for the IELTS Exam Day. With Engramm,
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including IELTS Exam Day tips are ingrained that 98+% of students pass this exam with relative ease.

Remember, Engramm's IELTS Preparation course is not just about IELTS exam, but also improving your English language skills

IELTS Preparation Guide steps

What should I do?

Build a Study Plan

Check IELTS Materials of Engramm

Engramm IELTS Prep

Build a Study Plan

Ask yourself the question – “How much time I can dedicate for IELTS everyday?”

With only a month to prepare IELTS Preparation in a month​, puts lot of pressure! IELTS is challenging, even for test-takers who are very proficient in English​—​which is why it’s helpful to choose Srishti as your IELTS guide

The Second: How to fulfil your need

Engramm offers complete IELTS preparation choices based on your convenience as well as access to world-class IELTS preparation materials. 

What is included in Engramm’s  IELTS Preparation in a month?

  • Free pre-assessment – This helps you to arrive at a detailed report-card of your present day skills and also quickly identify the areas to work upon during the remaining 29 days. This is possible because of Engramm’s world-class IELTS-ready learning system
  • On confirming your enrolment for the course, Engramm will assign a private trainer to guide you through the entire preparation cycle. This invaluable aspect is an important asset for your IELTS preparation in a month
  • The classes will be scheduled as per your convenience and every class will be followed an assignment for you to complete before the following day. This brings your learning structure to shape towards IELTS Preparation in a month.
  • An hour a day, keeps your IELTS scare away – This mantra is essential for your IELTS Preparation in a month. An hour of classes guided by your trainer and an hour of effort on activities suggested by the trainer will ensure that your IELTS scare is kept away.

Check the IELTS material from Engramm

  • Apart from your course materials, Srishti provides few great resources that will also be mentioned during your study schedule. These are free access and is highly recommended for your success in IELTS Preparation in month

Engramm IELTS Prep

This section is for providing you the resources to look for if you have read-on till here

  • Build a structured study-plan
  • Choose the right online resources that suits your style. Note: These resources do not know your requirement or your skills and neither do they assure your success in IELTS exam
  • IELTS preparation through free resources can take you into circles – one suggesting vocabulary another suggesting grammar yet another requiring you to start from English language basics. They all lack expert feedback that provides you the areas of weaknesses to improve for your IELTS target score ambition

IELTS Test Day Tips

Free planning to structured IELTS preparation course to free guidance for booking your IELTS exam, Srishti provides the complete 360-degree view of your IELTS goals. 

Free planning to structured IELTS preparation course to free guidance for booking your IELTS test, Srishti provides the complete 360-degree view of your IELTS goals. 

Here are 10 simple tips to help you on your exam day. 

  1. Be confident and calm while responding to your IELTS Exam. When practiced well with our experts, you will find the time allotted for each of the module is more than enough whereas others find it difficult to manage their time. 
  2. Reach the exam venue at least 1 to 1-1/2 hours in advance. Take some time to familiarise with the location and amenities around. 
  3. Do not remember the answers for your speaking part. Be spontaneous and share your ideas on the given topic
  4. In IELTS writing module, spare 5 minutes to revise what has been written. Check syntax and sentence formation errors 
  5. Do not worry about your favourite (favorite) language. IELTS accepts both British English and American English.
  6. Vocabulary is also important. You can practice few vocabulary exercises in a fun way here
  7. Do not rush your speaking section. Focus on your pronunciation and fluency. Rate of words is not a scoring criteria for IELTS
  8. IELTS Listening tests your focus and concentration. Practice not to complete the sentences till they are actually spoken. 
  9. Check the question type in IELTS Reading. So read the question twice before you start your response. 
  10. Always start with the question for your IELTS Reading. The objective is to score and not trying to understand the passage

Explore the IELTS preparation course from experts

It is very important to seek experts’ feedbacks for your practices. Courses such as Engramm’s IELTS course provides you 1-to-1 training and brings about a structured approach for your IELTS exam preparations 

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