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Questions remembered by our students​

Here is a compilation of the questions, as shared by our students. Especially, IELTS General Speaking Part-2 question includes a sample transcript too, thereby helping to build vocabulary around the topic. This post specifically captures the IELTS General Speaking question that our students faced recently. 

IELTS General Band-9 Speaking

IELTS General Speaking - Part-2

Here is an IELTS General Speaking – Part-2 question shared by our students and a sample response. 

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IELTS General Speaking: Prize you want to win

Talk about a prize you want to win
You should say

      a) what prize (or award) it is (or, would be)
      b) how you know about (or learned about) this prize/ award
      c) what you would need to do to get it (or, how you would win it)
and explain why you would like to win this prize (or, receive the award)

Important tips

  • You should take a piece of paper and note down the key words that comes to your mind around prizes/ awards
  • You should start a timer and set it to go-off after 1 minute
  • Collect your thoughts and quickly check if you are responding to all the points mentioned above
  • Sample Answer

    Before you proceed ahead, start your recording on your device and read this sample aloud

    (What prize it is?)
    Winning prizes are always an enthusiastic part of the events. It boosts confidence and gives a sense of
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    In my school days, I have won many prizes in the form of awards, trophies, and medals.
    Now, I am secretly wishing to win a marathon competition, where the winner will receive a cheque of Rs 1 lakh, a certificate of appreciation and a Gold medal.
    (How do you know about it?)
    I saw the advertisement about the marathon competition in a newspaper. It was a charity event, sponsored by the State Bank of India, the largest bank in India.
    The race is conducted to spread awareness about diseases like cancer and AIDS. The primary purpose of conducting the marathon competition is to raise funds for charity and is scheduled to be held in the first week of April.

    (What will you do to win it?)
    Though I am not a professional runner, I have motivated myself to be better. I have started to prepare for the competition by waking up early and working out and then running for at least 3 hours. It’s just that I will have to work on improving my time.
    (Why do you want to win it?)
    There may be several avid racers aiming for the prize money. But I desperately want to win this marathon competition as it is being conducted for a good cause. Also, I will share the prize money with an orphanage and an old age home. And with the remaining money, I will take care of the expenses of the disabled people.

    Vocabulary used in the sample

    Here are few vocabularies for speaking about “prizes you want to win”

    • Enthusiastic  – Feeling or showing great excitement about something

    Example: My father is an enthusiastic person. He always cheered me into things that interested me

    • Accomplishment – Something that has been achieved successfully. 

    Example: Mayank’s father was proud of his accomplishments

    • Charity – The voluntary giving of help in the form of money to needy people.

    Example: Ramya runs a local charity that helps students to avail scholarships.

    • Schedule – A plan for carrying out the process; to refer time. 

    Example: The IELTS General exams were scheduled to be conducted every week end. 

    • Desperately – In a way that shows despair. 

    Example: He desperately searched for the book.

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