A complete guide to IELTS preparation

It is very important to ensure you have adequate preparations for IELTS, however strong your English language skills are. 

Remember, IELTS exam is taken in an environment that is very different than you may face in your everyday schedule and will take you by surprise on the day of exam.

It is essential to go through this guide in detail and adapt and tune your IELTS preparation in the right direction. After all, every IELTS aspirants’ aim is to achieve the target score and beyond in their first attempt.

"Why can't I not attempt IELTS more than once?"

This obvious question deserves an honest clarification. Yes, you can attempt IELTS as many times as you intend to. But be sure in your mind that every IELTS attempt costs you money and eats up a lot of your time. The adjoining set resources will provide you details of the exam fee in few of the countries. This is indeed a stiff exam fee for many and it is important that one should plan for achieving the target in as many lesser attempts as possible, the best being… in ‘the first-attempt

India: Rs. 14,700/- 

LKR 30,400/- in Sri Lanka

AUD 375 in Australia

NZD 385 in New Zealand

£ 170 – 195 in UK

USD 245-255 in USA

How should I build towards my IELTS success then?

Let us understand the best way to approach your IELTS preparation. These inputs are counselling inputs one should adopt to for sure-shot success in your IELTS attempt.

Refer the infographic below to understand the steps to your IELTS preparation

IELTS Infographic

Step-1 & 2: Which IELTS exam for you?

IELTS, majorly is an exam that is mandated for Academic as well as immigration to an English-speaking country. This exam, therefore is segmented as IELTS Academic and IELTS General. 

Who should choose IELTS Academic? 

Learners wanting to pursue studies (graduation, post-graduation or specialisation courses) in an English-speaking country have to be targeting IELTS Academic. 

Apart from the above blanket requirement, learners in the following line of focus, even for immigration requirements need to attempt IELTS Academic

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Teachers

Who should choose IELTS General?

Learners who are immigrating to an English-speaking country, with their professions other than the ones listed under IELTS Academic need to succeed in IELTS General

Important to note:

  1. A successful attempt in IELTS means that you have surpassed or equalled the target score in each of the 4 module of IELTS exam. The attempts cannot be cumulative – in one single score submission the target scores should have been met or exceeded
  2. At the face of IELTS exam format, one might think that the formats are the same, but it isn’t. On a deeper understanding of the skills tested in each of IELTS exam will one appreciate that they are different. The devil lies in the details.

One should have got a clear idea, by now, on how IELTS exam is tricky to succeed

Step-3: What should be my target score in IELTS?

The target score depends on the purpose of attempting IELTS. The target score for IELTS Academic for specific course in the university of one’s choice may be different from that of another university. Similarly, the target score requirement in IELTS General of a profession-A for a Country-1 will be different for Country-2.

In some of the countries, the target score for immigration may be different based on the age of the applicant and the qualification and work-experience one may possess

Few requirements are focused on overall band score while few other requirements need module-specific targets to be met. 

It is strongly advisable to check the requirements for your specific need, as far as IELTS targets are concerned. Definitely, one size does not fit all

Overall generic (kindly check your specific score requirement before registering for IELTS exam) score for few of the types of requirements are

IELTS Academic scenarios

  1. Study in USA universities (UG or PG) – 7.0 or 7.5
  2. Study in Australian universities (UG or PG) – 6.0 or 6.5
  3. Study in New Zealand 
    • UG – 6.0 with no module less than 5.5
    • PG – 6.5 with no module less than 6.0
  4. Nurses for UK – 7.0 overall and not less than 7.0 in each of the module
  5. Nurses for Canada – Minimum 6.0 in each of the module. Individual score requirement may vary and to be checked through CRS
  6. Graduate nurses for Australia: 6.5 overall with no less than 6.0 in each module
  7. Doctors for UK: Overall 7.5 with no less than 7.0 in each module
  8. Doctors for Canada: For immigration, require IELTS General and to apply for physician regulation body IELTS Academic. The scores vary

IELTS General scenarios

  1. For UK: IELTA for UKVI should be attempted. The score requirement will vary based on your circumstances such as age, work-experience, area of expertise etc
  2. For Canada: Depends on your circumstances including your educational qualification, work-experience, age etc. To be verified through CRS

The IELTS score requirement should be ascertained by you for deciding upon your IELTS preparation plan. 

Step-4: Opt for a structured course

As we saw earlier, IELTS exam is tricky even if you possess good English language skills. It is strongly advisable, to opt for a IELTS preparation course such as that of Srishti that can sharpen your skills apart from identifying your areas of improvement and work upon them before your IELTS attempt. 

We strongly recommend that your IELTS preparation course should be from Srishti, for the reasons below

  • 1-to-1: A course wherein highly-qualified trainers understand one’s IELTS requirement and build a schedule to train and coach IELTS aspirants. This method provides you the flexibility to learn by identifying your weak areas and overcome them as well as sharpen your strengths to be cutting-edge level
  • Assessment : Srishti’s course is designed to provide you assessment even as you start your course, so that you can evaluate for yourself on where I started and where do I end 
  • Flexible schedule : You get to work with our trainer and also track your progress after every 1-to-1 session on how your IELTS preparation is taking shape towards its fruition
  • Lots of practices: As the trainers provide you all the tips and tricks to succeed in your IELTS exam, every session ends with a practice wherein you put those tips and techniques into practice and prepare towards your target score
  • Quality content: Practice as well as explanation requires quality content. Srishti’s online IELTS preparation flooding you with focussed and rich content through your entire course – be it reading, writing, listening or speaking skills 

The best of it all, should you be non-attentive with your schedule or your progress, your personal trainer along with Aritifical Intelligence based platform (AI) follows-up with you to bring back your study-plan back on track

Important note: A study plan worked out with your trainer for 45-60 days scheduling of your 1-to-1 has yielded 100% success in IELTS. Build your study-plan and sticking to is a sure-shot way to success

Step-5: Get ready for your IELTS exam

Personal trainers not only help you develop your IELTS skills but also provide guidance on when you will be ready for your IELTS exam.

These days, an IELTS exam slot is generally available in 10-15 days lead-time. Our trainers are adept in spotting your readiness and guide you on the timeline for your exam. They also internally prepare through our AI-enabled system to experience up to 3 mock tests (mock-test = same format and environment of the final exam) to provide you the icing on the cake- how prepared are you in your final thrust. Mock tests are evaluated as per IELTS guidelines and you can be sure about the outcome of your ‘official’ IELTS attempt. 

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