The most comprehensive set of tricks for IELTS Reading is compiled in this post. IELTS Reading is not a simple reading comprehension test, but a test which is tricky as it examines the test-takers’ ability to understand the twists in English language too. IELTS test, in India is conducted by IDP and is the second test on the booked exam-date. Herein, we are details key IELTS Reading tips that you need to build in you apart from an IELTS course with Srishti

IELTS Reading format

There are multitude of details about IELTS Reading and few of the bare facts are

  • 40 questions to be answered in 60 minutes
  • 3 sections in IELTS Reading – be it IELTS Academic or IELTS General
  • There are various types of questions including gap-fill, match the following, complete the notes, True/ False/ Not Given , Note complete etc

It is very important that few other reading tricks that should be practiced for succeeding in IELTS Reading

IELTS Reading tips

These IELTS Reading tips form the part-2 of 2-part series. Part-1 of IELTS Reading tips can be found here

Different English content

This is the most important IELTS Reading tip

Do not try understanding all the text in your IELTS Reading passage

It means that if you no knowledge on the subject of the passage, you should not get bogged down to try understanding.

Even if the subject of the passage is within the your realm of knowledge, do not apply your knowledge. Practice following the text that you read

The IELTS reading test is prepared to test your your overall comprehension of the subject in the passage .

It will assess your ability to understand the same (or similar) ideas hidden behind different wordings and expressions.

DO NOT look for word-match

Word-match is one of the big mistake as one prepares for IELTS Reading test.

The most important IELTS Reading tip is to wean you away from searching exact words in the question(s) in the passage.

The test preparation personnel are cleverer

  • They prepare questions where the word of a particular question will be in paragraph(s) other than the correct answer one is expected to identify
  • Word-match often leads to a series of wrong answer especially when the answer is spotted at the wrong place within the passage.
  • The answers are always with the words that has been used in the passage. You wouldn't need to create your own words for an answer (unless a list of words to choose from is provided in a particular type of question)
  • Questions first, not the passage

    This IELTS Reading tip is very vital

    Your focus for IELTS Reading should be answer
    as many correct answers within the given time Enrol for IELTS Course to improve your score in IELTS test. Easy enrolment and instant access here
    as possible

    So, it is always question-first approach that you should adopt. Remember your IELTS Reading score is dependant on number of correct answers and not on your comprehension skills alone.

    Build marking-up.

    This is a valuable IELTS Reading tip is this

    During your day-to-day reading, use techniques to highlight the words that you think is important and/or words that you did not understand.

    Then underline or mark-up those words and re-visit why you thought it was important. If you did not know the meaning of a word that has been marked-up, take a few minutes to refer to a dictionary along with knowing synonyms of those words.

    Spare a minute to locate those words which you now know the meaning and familiarise with the way it has been used in your reading habit

    Answer all questions

    IELTS Reading test does not penalise you for wrong answer

    Should you be lacking time, to complete ansswering all the 40 questions in 60 minutes, allocate the last 5-minutes to answer all the unattended questions too.

    This IELTS Reading tip is a last resort approach and should not be the primary approach.
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