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IELTS Speaking Sample

IELTS Speaking Sample Part-2

Here is an IELTS Speaking Sample for Part-2 question shared by our students and our sample response. 

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IELTS Speaking: Describing vehicle break down

Describe an occasion when your vehicle broke down
You should say

      a) where you were going
      b) who you were with
      c) how long it took to fix the vehicle
and explain how you felt about it

Important tips

  • You should take a piece of paper and note down the key words that comes to your mind around prizes/ awards
  • You should start a timer and set it to go-off after 1 minute
  • Collect your thoughts and quickly check if you are responding to all the points mentioned above
  • Here are some vocabulary words related to the topic

  • You may use these or could have built a set of your own vocabulary based on the topic
  • That 1 minute time provided can be used for aspects like this
  • Vehicle related Location related Adverbs & other useful words






    repair shop



    engine noise




    IELTS Speaking Sample Answer

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    Let us get started with the sample
    This incident happened during the final exam for completing my undergraduate studies. As that was the fourth exam in a series of 5 and with the intervening week-end between the third and fourth, we managed to get couple of days to prepare for this important exam.
    My mind was focused on the exam pattern and the likely questions that I may face that day. Usually, I drove my motorbike for exams as that gave me additional time for last-minute preparations. The distance between the exam centre and my home was about a 10-minute drive and despite that, I started 30 minutes prior to the time of exam. That would have still given me 20-minutes of time to refresh and focus on succeeding in the exam

    After riding for about 2-minutes, my motorbike started making weird noises and the vehicle started shaking violently. I hurriedly turned-off the engine and got off my motorbike to examine. I was not a mechanic and a cursory walk around the motorbike revealed nothing. But, as I feared, the engine would not turn-on again when I tried to restart.

    I was clueless on what I should do. With fear gripping me, I decided to park my motorbike to the side and started to walk and run. Luckily for me, I could get a lift from another college-mate who was passing by the same route and to the same venue. After getting-off from his motorbike, I rushed to the venue, just in time for the exam. That is when I realised that I hadn't even thanked my mate who helped me with a lift.

    I got a chance to bump into him during our farewall party and profusely thanked him for his help
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