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Digital English language teaching and learning platforms facilitate outcome-based learning across diverse educational environments.

Why Engramm is Ideal for Academic Institutes

Choosing Engramm means selecting a partner committed to educational excellence and innovation. Our solutions, powered by cutting-edge technology, are designed to elevate the teaching and learning experience, making them ideal for institutes looking to modernize their language education programs and achieve remarkable educational outcomes.

Structured Learning Adaptability

Tailors learning paths for students from varied language backgrounds, making English language acquisition accessible and manageable.

Flexible Course Delivery

Easily aligns with your institute’s scheduling needs, ensuring that course delivery is effective and efficient

Customised Learning Materials

Provides roll-out of student worksheets and question banks targeted to the developmental needs of students

Insightful Learning Analytics

Offers detailed insights into each student’s learning progress, enabling better management and administration of educational activities.

Effortless Accessibility

You can access courses with a simple internet connection via a web browser or intuitive mobile app, making learning possible anytime, anywhere.

AI and ML Integration

This system employs advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies to deliver high-quality assessments that accurately measure student proficiency across various English language skills.

Our Institute Services

Personalised Learning

Clear communication in institutes can enhance academic performance, collaboration among students and faculty, and prepare students for their future careers, as communication skills are crucial in nearly all professions.

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Professional English Grammar

Adaptive Learning

We build customisable courses, support dynamic content formats, tailor skill-specific modules, and integrate assessments and monitoring for student progress. This approach ensures interactive and engaging learning, accessible from a unified platform, with enhanced integrity of remote learning through proctored exams.

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PTE Preparation Course

On the go Learning

Clear communication enhances academic performance, improves employability as it is highly valued by employers, and increases confidence in personal and academic interactions. On the Go Learning ensures that our students excel everywhere.

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Improve IELTS Score

Recruitment Readiness

Institutes can benefit from recruitment readiness through enhanced job-readiness of students, streamlined placement processes, and increased placement success, leading to higher job placement rates.

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IELTS Online Classes

Pre Recruitment Readiness

Pre-recruitment assessment institutes offer flexibility in learning schedules, skill-based learning for communication skills crucial for academic and career success, and immediate feedback through real-time assessments.

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Effective Written Communication

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