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Latest IELTS Speaking

Latest IELTS Speaking - February 2023

Here is an IELTS Speaking Sample for Part-2 question shared by our student from India and our sample response. 

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Latest IELTS Speaking: A language you learnt

Describe a childhood friend of yours.
You should say

      a) who he/ she is?
      b) where you met him/ her?
      c) what did you do together?
and explain what makes your childhood friend special

Important tips

  • You should take a piece of paper and note down the key words that comes to your mind around prizes/ awards
  • You should start a timer and set it to go-off after 1 minute
  • Collect your thoughts and quickly check if you are responding to all the points mentioned above
  • Here are some vocabulary words related to the topic

  • You may use these or could have built a set of your own vocabulary based on the topic
  • That 1 minute time provided can be used for aspects like this
  • Friendship related Activities and Verbs Adverbs & other useful words


    playing together

    common interests





    firm friends

    XXX and I




    IELTS Speaking Sample Answer

    Latest IELTS Speaking Sample Enrol for IELTS Course to improve your score in IELTS test. Easy enrolment and instant access here
    can be used as a guide to build your speaking

    Let us get started with the sample
    I learned a foreign language that is English. English is the most widely spoken language, and I believe there are more job opportunities for people who know more languages.
    I first met my friend Raghav when I went to junior school. We sat next to each other in class, I don’t think we chose to do that particularly, we probably just sat where we were told to on our first day of the school year, but we got on straight away and were firm friends from the age of about 8 until we left school to go to senior school, aged about eleven. We happened to go to different schools at that point, and sadly our friendship drifted apart, when we were younger though, we were inseparable.

    Raghav and I had similar interests. We liked being outside, we liked animals (although neither of us could visit a forest together to see animals in their natural habitat), we enjoyed doing craft type activities (although he was really talented creating amazing pictures and artwork, whilst I just got stuck at the stage of colouring in!) My main memory is of us heading off together on our bikes for hours and hours at a time. He lived quite near to a large park, so I used to cycle to his house, and then we’d go to the park together with a picnic lunch and spend all day playing games together. I’m embarrassed now to think how we galloped around pretending to be animals or whatever the game of the day was, but it was fun at the time. We used to try hula hooping and dribbling a tennis ball too, seeing who could hold up a hoop for the longest or dribble without stopping by tapping the ball onto the ground with our palms. I have a feeling he was more accomplished than me at both these activities too. Sometimes we would try to find and catch butterflies (we always let them go) or we would just laze in the sun until it was time to go home. It was very different then. There were no mobile phones, and people were much more relaxed about letting their children go off and play all day, I’m not sure if you could still do that. Still, we were very happy and used to come back to his house tired and if we were lucky her mum would give us lemonade to drink and cookies along with tea. Happy memories indeed!

    In terms of why we liked each other, well we just did! We enjoyed doing the same things, we could talk about anything to each other – complaining about schoolwork or annoying parents and other such troublesome worries of the time. Neither of us had a pet though we were fond of animals and always wanted see animals in their natural habitat. It probably helped that we lived quite close to each other and both had bikes too. We also both had a vivid imagination, it meant we could have remarkable adventures together pretending to inhabit whole new worlds that we had invented for ourselves.

    We kept in touch for a while, but both eventually moved on. I think he went on to become an artist of some renown, which was not surprising given his early talent for art. Whatever he does and wherever he ended up I hope he is happy and successful too. I will always remember him as a brilliant companion from when I was young, I wonder if he remembers me too.
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