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Children are the best learners of English. They learn to speak without text books, vocabulary lists or grammar rules. Yet they learn to speak English with a perfect accent and excellent grammar.Our course applies same natural learning methods used by “doing”.

  • No Textbooks – No Memorisation
  • 100% real-life conversational based learning
  • Guaranteed improvement in speaking fluently in English
  • Virtual classrooms with our qualified trainers

Srishti Great Value picGrammar Essentials Srishti Grammar Essentials pic

Basic Grammar is the first stepping stone towards fluency and understanding the world in English. Ranging from wide set of illustrations to videos and activity, this course is designed for students opting to start learning English from basics. From primary school children to house wife’s to everyone who wants to get initiated in English

  • Understand basic English
  • Easy to correlate with native language
  • Correlate everyday items, discussions with English language
  • Start “thinking in English”
  • Certificate on completion of course

Srishti Grammar Intermediate picGrammar Intermediate

Increase your vocabulary by 2,000 words and develop your speaking skills so that you can communicate any message. Improve your IELTS score to 6.5+ or PTE score of 65+ or success with Cambridge English First (FCE) exams. The Intermediate English Grammar Course is designed take your English language skills to the next stage with high quality video lessons and more. A course designed for high-school students and beyond who have basic knowledge of English Grammar

  • Develop greater control of English grammar, including more sophisticated areas
  • Express and understand key information about situations such as work, school, leisure, home
  • Describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions
  • Reason and explain opinions and plans
  • Form connected text on topics of personal interest
  • Increase your vocabulary

Srishti Great Value picBusiness CommunicationSrishti Business Commuication pic

Business Communication in English crosses international borders and transcend and English is the most sought-after language in today’s corporate world. The proficiency of the language has also made it a vital part of success in the highly competitive corporate world. Many reputed organisations around the world rely on English as a means of communication in everything from emails to corporate documentation to even popular and well-read business resources

  • Gain confidence when giving presentations, leading meetings
  • Increase fluency and effectiveness
  • Improve English knowledge in grammar, business and specialist vocabulary
  • Develop intercultural competence
  • Practice active listening
  • Attend Interviews with poise

Test Preparation courses – by Srishti

IELTS Academic Srishti picIELTS Academic Top Rated badge

A course delivered with best of technology and Srishti’s experts which offers top-quality learning coupled with flexibility and convenience. IELTS Academic success, which is a mandatory exam for students who want to study undergraduate or postgraduate levels and professionals in an English-speaking country. Ambitions of studying in Canada, the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand can be fulfilled by success in IELTS Academic exam conducted by British Council or IDP.

  • Score 7+ in IELTS Academic
  • Interactions with trainers through virtual classrooms
  • Experience the unique 1-to-1 training providing individual focus and progress
  • Understand the test format and assessment criteria of the IELTS Academic exam
  • World-class individual assessments for Writing and Speaking modules
  • Animated tutorials and skills summaries

Top Rated badge IELTS General IELTS General Srishti pic

Srishti makes IELTS General test preparation easy. Even if you possess good grammar skills, scoring desired scores in IELTS General is not just about showcasing English language skills. Ambitions of secondary education or gaining work experience in an English-speaking country needs a good score in IELTS General exam. It is a mandatory requirement for migration to Australia, the UK, New Zealand or Canada. A success in IELTS General exam ensures survival skills in broad social and workplace contexts in these countries

  • Score 7+ in IELTS General
  • 1-to-1 Interactions with trainers through virtual classrooms
  • Structured and customisable  study-plan to ensure constant learning
  • In-tandem with Grammar Intermediate course provide rounded preparation

IELTS Academic Srishti pic PTE Top Rated badge

Srishti’s PTE course is designed for students aiming for a perfect 90 in PTE exams. A course designed with varied levels of difficulty and providing access to quality mock tests and resourceful materials, PTE is an computer based exam conducted by Pearsons which is mandatory for migration or undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Australia or New Zealand

  • Score up to 90 in PTE Academic
  • 1-to-1 Interactions with trainers through virtual classrooms for Speaking modules
  • Deep understanding of scoring techniques for your PTE exam attempt
  • In-tandem with Grammar Intermediate and Grammar advanced courses provide rounded preparation for PTE

GRE TOEFL Coming soon badge Srishti GRE & TOEFL

With a world-class platform leveraged for English language related Tests in delivering IELTS and PTE, Srishti is coming soon with another great offering for the TOEFL and GRE aspirants to ease as well as score high in those exams. Srishti’s mission is to provide world-class offering in every space it operates and students will not be disappointed the wait

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