Corporate Communication Product Picture Srishti

What will you learn in this course

    • Understand the strategic role of corporate communications for business operations, issues and crisis management
    • Effectively Plan, research, write and implement everything from strategic communications plans to newsletters
    • Understand how communications strategies influence employees and stakeholders.
    • Using elevated English language to make your spoken and written business communication crisp and clear
    • Appreciate and analyse reports and provide unambiguous description on their interpretations
    • Impressive written communication, design and presentation 
    • Foundational principles and strategy you should devise for effective corporate communication


  • Corporate Communication course online is designed for the college and university finishing students to help prepare themselves for applying and attending placement and job interviews​
  • Corporate Communication Course online provides insights for the employees who have just been placed or the employed youngsters to be able to use elevated business-language for clear communication as well as creating impression to the listener/ reader with crisp and clear communication in business context​
  • Helps you to clearly articulate reports, graphs and other business tools that are used in everyday business environment
  • Exposes to real life role-play conversations at the senior level discussions and the language and communication angles left behind by the leaders to their respective organisations​
  • Familiarises you with elevated English language and appropriate idioms, range of business vocabulary words that are used in various business contexts​

Learning Outcomes

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