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What will you learn in this course

    • Understand the core concepts of English Grammar in a structured and in a gamified way
    • How to use the best suited constructs of English Grammar – be it from basic verbs, adjectives, adverbs to elevated constructs of idioms and form complex sentences
    • Understand how to make meaningful complex sentences without any grammatical errors
    • Using the correct arrangements of words and understanding the purpose of each of such words so that your English communication is clear
    • Appreciate and understand in detail the salient aspects of using English language for your daily needs


  • Advanced Grammar  course online is designed for learners who are requiring the need and desire to understand English and “thinking in English” for that fluent communication – be it at schools or colleges or offices
  • This Advanced Grammar course online provides a structured way of learning English Grammar with each of the concepts and its relevance in day-to-day usage is detailed and is made fun to learn
  • Helps you to clearly identify why a sentence is formed in a specific way and not the other way that has been deep-rooted in you
  • For teachers and aspiring teachers in English or other subjects, this course is a necessary tool for them to be able to apply their teaching methodology in their subject of interest – to be able to explain to learners in a clear way​
  • Familiarises you to start “thinking in English” apart from making you to use the strong Grammar concepts in your every day life. This Advanced Grammar  course online lays a strong foundation for strong English language communication – be it for day-to-day use, school or college use as well as at work

Learning Outcomes

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