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IELTS Academic Self Learn


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  • ✅ Over 350 minutes of detailed explanatory videos
  • ✅ Over 15 practice test materials with feedback
  • ✅ Secure access – Learn anytime from anywhere
  • ✅ Online and immediate detailed feedback for Reading and Listening modules
  • ✅ Online feedback for Writing and Speaking practices (evaluated by a CELTA-certified trainer within 48 hours of submission)

What You’ll Learn

  • Scoring consistently across modules is the major criterion
  • Sharpening your skills to be able to adapt to situations that IELTS exam-day may present you with
  • Understanding the ways of cracking Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking modules to get the required band score in the first attempt
  • Ability to use apt English Grammar and related requirements for your IELTS exam
  • Understanding and application of important techniques as well as easy tips to improve score in IELTS exam
  • Usage of appropriate structure, vocabulary and sentences that are relevant and necessary for you to score in Speaking / Writing modules.
  • You will learn your strengths and ways to overcome your weak areas to crack the IELTS exam

Who this course is for

  • IELTS Students who need USA, UK, AU, or Canadian University admission should take this course.
  • Individuals who need IELTS English for job certification should take this course.
  • Individuals who need IELTS English for immigration purposes should take this course.
  • IELTS Students with Intermediate English should take this course.
  • Students seeking to improve their General English should take this course.
  • Students needing to learn IELTS Reading
  • Students needing to learn IELTS Listening
  • Students needing to learn IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2
  • Students needing to learn IELTS Speaking
  • Students with Beginner English or who are not serious should NOT take this course.

Course Structure

The IELTS Academic Self Learn Course follows the IELTS exam pattern:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Course Requirements

  • A minimum of Intermediate-level English.
  • Computer or mobile device with internet access
  • Time commitment to complete 350+ minutes of video lessons and practice tests
  • Consistent and active participation.
  • Aiming for a score of 7 or higher.

Why Engramm

Choose Engramm for its proven track record of success, personalized coaching, and innovative learning platform. Our IELTS Intensive course is your best choice for thorough preparation, guided by experts, to help you achieve your desired scores.


What is the course validity?

90 days, extendable up to 120 days.

Feedback for Writing and Speaking practices within 48 hours.

Yes, they replicate the IELTS exam environment.

Yes, the course is fully online with secure access.


The IELTS Academic Self Learn course is ideal for learners aspiring to study or immigrate abroad, offering a personalized learning experience at your own pace and complete privacy. This course is tailored to meet the unique needs of each learner, exposing them to the latest IELTS Academic exam topics for thorough preparation. It includes mock tests that simulate a real exam environment, boosting your confidence, and provides over 350 minutes of self-explanatory videos and extensive practice tests with detailed feedback. Designed by experienced professionals, the course ensures you are fully prepared to pass the IELTS Academic exam on your first attempt, saving you time and money.

IELTS Academic Self Learn enables working professionals to prepare at their convenience. The course is valid for 90 days on a state-of-the-art platform, with the option to extend up to 120 days and include additional trainer sessions. It offers a detailed orientation for every module, with feedback for your practices: Reading and Listening are assessed online, while Writing and Speaking receive trainer evaluations posted within 48 hours. With proven training methodologies and continuous access to trainers’ feedback and assessment, IELTS Academic Self Learn ensures definitive improvement and guidance at every step of your preparation.

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