Online PTE Course

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  • PTE Online course is built on experience with hundreds of ENGRAMM students who have score high-scores in their first PTE attempt
  • A combined blend of automated feedback for every practice and expert hand-holding by trainers to improve your scores
  • 20 No.s of 1-to-1 individual classes supported by highly-qualified trainers
  • Learn every trick and detailed tips and strategies of PTE exam structure as well as practice with loads of PTE-like content
  • Structured classes with detailed feedback on every student’s strength and focus on areas of improvement for success in PTE exam
  • 3 full PTE-like MOCK TESTS to familiarise you with PTE exam and get you very confident
  • Exposes you to latest set of repeated topics of the PTE exam to be well-prepared for the exams
  • Feedback and assessment for every practice suggested by qualified trainers with visible improvement during the course


PTE Online Coaching - Engramm
level-up-score - Engramm
exam preparation - Engramm
balanced approach - Engramm

Level-up Scores

Learn the skills to ace all the tasks of PTE, improve efficiency and effectiveness by focused approach and negligible distractions. Even if you are a procrastinator or chronically lazy, our structured learning pedagogy and multi-sensory learning approach will gear you up and help you to stay motivated.

Prepare the right way

Our course helps you channelize all your potential towards achieving your desired score in PTE. Enhance your preparation by gaining knowledge about the exam format, score guideline, proven tips and strategies; guided study-plan and feedback by our expert tutors, and your positive attitude will do wonders.

Balanced Preparations

Our expert trainers and counsellors not only have exceptional teaching skills but build a rapport with students so that communication happens seamlessly, you will earn a friend and guide to talk to about all your concerns and queries about your exam, and keep all your anxieties at bay.

overcome weakness - Engramm
overcome-wrong - Engramm
Build strong focus - Engramm

Overcome Weaknesses

Don’t blindly follow anybody, instead look for genuine resources that will guide you on the right path and prevent you from making the most common mistakes. Our practice materials, blogs, mock tests, all these are proven to build your momentum to achieve unparalleled success.

Overcome wrong practices

Our feedback mechanism will ensure that you receive constant constructive feedback for Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading sections. This will help to polish your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. The authentic tips provided by our experts will help you to master your skills and progress manifolds.

Gain focus for success

The focus should be on the improving your current skills to make it better; whether you are a new test taker or a repeater, we will diagnose the problem and challenges to provide tailor-made solutions to succeed. Identifying your level and then giving you wings to fly is the goal.

Learning Outcomes

  • Sharpen your skills and be able to adapt to situations that PTE exam presents you with
  • Understand the winning ways of cracking Speaking and Writing Reading, Listening modules to crack your PTE exam with high scores in your first attempt
  • Be able to use elevated English Grammar and related requirements for your PTE ambition/ attempt
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Gamified and fun way to learn and build strong foundation on English Grammar


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