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The PTE Advanced course offers a comprehensive preparation path with twenty personalized live classes covering all modules of the PTE exam, enhanced by two full mock tests providing immediate feedback for reading and listening, and detailed responses for speaking and writing within 24 hours. Continuous practice with doubt resolution ensures thorough understanding and readiness for the exam.
  • Participate in twenty trainer-led, one-on-one live online classes.
  • Access over 1,000 practice questions across all sections, complete with personalized feedback.
  • Enjoy secure, flexible learning with the ability to access materials and classes from anywhere, at any time.
  • Receive online feedback for writing and speaking exercises to enhance your skills effectively. 90 Day Validity
  • Flexible Learning
  • Master the PTE Format: Understand the structure and types of questions you will face in the PTE exam, enhancing your familiarity and comfort with the format.
  • Techniques for High Scores: Learn strategic techniques and approaches for each section of the PTE, directly from experienced trainers, to maximize your scoring potential.
  • Practical Experience through Mock Tests: Experience real-time PTE exam conditions with our comprehensive mock tests, helping you build confidence and improve your time management skills.
  • Personalized Feedback for Improvement: Receive tailored feedback and practical advice on your performance, helping you focus on areas that need improvement and refining your skills effectively.

Engramm’s PTE Advanced Course is uniquely structured to ensure that every student receives individual attention through 1-to-1 live sessions with experienced trainers. Our course is designed not just to teach, but to engage students in an immersive learning experience with up-to-date content and proven training methodologies. With access to over 1000 practice questions and feedback, Engramm equips you with the tools needed to excel in your PTE exam. We prioritize personalized learning, making sure you’re not just prepared but primed for success.

What does the course fee include?

The fee covers all live sessions, practice materials, mock tests, and personalized feedback.

You will have access to all course materials for 90 days from the date of enrollment.

Yes, sessions can be scheduled according to your convenience, ensuring flexibility in your preparation.

You can always reach out to your trainer for doubts, either instantly during the session or later via practice notes.

Mock tests are conducted online under timed conditions to mimic the actual exam environment, with results provided promptly.

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