Spoken English Primer Course Description The Spoken English Primer course provides you with a quick snapshot of various key elements of English Grammar as well as strong fluency and pronunciation of various English words. This course is a beginner to intermediate course of Spoken English. This most powerful yet simple and intensive Spoken English course also includes British, neutral and American accents too. Requirements  It is a must-have English course for all beginners who aim to reach intermediate level of spoken English. You must be minimum 12 years of age and should have basic understanding of simple English words.
  • A computer or tablet or smartphone with headphones (for hearing pronunciation clearly)
What will I learn? 
  • Full beginner to intermediate spoken English course which has been designed to build necessary skills for every-day use
  • Mobile-app ready course helping you to navigate through respective videos at the time you need
  • Build a vocabulary of over 3000 new words and over 500 situations and sentences to use in your situation
  • Animated and interactive videos to make your learning fun and easy to use
Learning outcomes  Flawless English speaking abilities and basic outcome of ‘thinking in English’. You also have a clear understanding of core concepts of English Grammar, apart from accents and spoken nuances.
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