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What will you learn in this course

  • Learn to speak and write better by understanding over 100 new verbs and their tenses
  • You will be able to frame complex sentences to impress your friends, relatives as well as your colleagues
  • You will listen to great fun-based animated videos and in-video assessments to check your levels of understanding of each module
  • Access to over 200 minutes of animation videos and role-plays to adapt your learning to real-world situations and how professionals use them
  • Videos in American and neutral accents to improve your pronunciation¬†


  • Upgrade your English language skills by understanding and mastering all verb tenses
  • Many English speakers and communicators possess skills to use basic tenses of verbs which leaves an impression on the receiving party on limited language skills you possess. This course is designed to take you to the next level and master all tenses of verbs in English language
  • This course also helps you to build 200+ new vocabulary words and also provides you a choice of using different verbs to communicate thereby showcasing your elevated English language skills
  • You also get to listen pronunciations in multiple accents (American and Neutral) which essentially familiarises you in comprehending English language better.

Learning Outcomes

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This course includes

INR 649/-