Being recruitable and recruitment-ready

Universities and colleges' placement success are directly linked to how 'job-ready' their students are

College and university placement teams spends a lot of time and efforts in identifying the skills their students need to be prepared with before appearing for that placement interview

CHALLENGES in assessing potential candidate for recruitment

  • How to assess and narrow down on the set of students who are eligible for recruitment?
  • How to map targeted assessment to automate the assessment without requiring elaborate time and effort from the placement teams?
  • How to ensure that skilled students are not missed out during the placement process?
  • How to track and measure the effectiveness of placement process with analytics on ease of placement vs placement goals?
  • How to extend learning culture amongst students to adapt and orient their skill levels to drive more placements subsequently?
  • How to identify specific skill improvement areas for these placement hopefuls?
Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive modules which are fun-based animated videos, assignments, goals and assessments including real-life role-plays

Anytime Anywhere

Anytime Anywhere Access

Anytime access from mobile or laptop yet with secure content delivery - learn from anywhere - be it home or public internet access

Role based

Role based courses

Targeted courses for specific group of employees based on their skill-map and specific areas of improvement



Learners can set learning goals and view leaderboards and also rewarded with badges based on learning goal set by organisation

Up to date

Up to date

New modules rolled out in the platform by experts, including presentation, files, pictures, multimedia content is delivered immediately to the learners



Evaluated assessment from rich question-bank to track progression and skills gained by the learner - all in an instant

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