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IELTS Academic Reading : Exam Skills

When we counsel any IELTS student, the first thing we want to assess is their exam skills. So we ask them to complete a IELTS pre-assessment test, especially focusing on IELTS Academic Reading style questions in that. Almost always, the questions go to one side, and the candidates focus on the text and read it word-by-word from beginning to end. We always see some students panicking about words they don’t know. Meanwhile, the minutes are ticking away and no answers are being noted down…

In the IELTS Academic Reading test, time is precious. This post focuses on three key strategies that can help you save time, and improve your band score.

IELTS Academic

IELTS Academic Reading

Skill-1: Focus on the questions

It is essential that you make the questions the priority rather than the reading passage. Start by reading the questions so that you know what information you need to look for when you turn to the passages. As you find the information, note it down straight away.

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Remember, the keywords in the questions may not be the same words they use in the passage. Make sure to look for keyword synonyms. That way, you are using the time available in the
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way. The alternative is to read the passage, then read the questions, then go back to the passage to look for the information you need — but that doesn’t make sense when time is limited.

Skill-2: Do NOT worry about unknown words

Okay, you are into the questions and you are doing well. Suddenly, you see a word you don’t know and you start to panic. Calm down! The key here is not to worry and not to allow unknown words to distract you.
IELTS Academic Reading pic
Remember that even native speakers see words that they don’t know from time to time. As long as there aren’t too many of them, they should not stop you from understanding the passage. In any case, once you’re already taking the test, it’s too late to look the word up so you’ll need to try some reading strategies instead. Let’s look at an example. Here is a sentence with an unknown word (the unknown word is shown by ABC):
Among the animals threatened by climate change are elephants, ABC, rhinos
Your first strategy should be to ignore the word. Can you understand the sentence anyway? If you can, carry on until you come across a word you can’t ignore.

Your second strategy is to then guess the meaning of the word from the other words around it. So in the sentence above, it is easy to guess that ABC is a kind of animal. If you are asked to name three animals that are threatened by climate change, it is reasonably safe to include ABC, even if you don’t know the word.

Skill-3: Move Ahead!

If neither of these strategies works and you are still stuck, just move ahead to the next question and come back later if you have time. Time wasted on answers you don’t know is time lost on later answers that you might get right.

We think it may be useful to revise your responses should you be required to answer the same in IELTS Academic Reading test.

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