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  • IELTS Reading course is designed on the best world-class principles based on over 3000 students scoring BAND-8 and above and 720 students scoring BAND-9 in IELTS Reading
  • IELTS Reading course is tailor-made for learners of IELTS Academic as well as IELTS General to enhance their IELTS Writing skills and score high in the module
  • This course is an offshoot of Assured IELTS Course wherein 98+% of over 5000 students have achieved their desired scores in their IELTS exam of all modules
  • This course ensures that the learners’ who are unsure about their IELTS Reading skills to achieve their desired IELTS Reading Scores
  • This IELTS Reading course, provides 1-to-1 live classes with Cambridge-certified IELTS trainers. Included in this course are –
    • 1 No. IELTS Reading orientations, the detailed 1-to-1 class for all 6 types of  IELTS Reading question you will get in your IELTS Reading test. This orientation is aimed to provide a clear understanding of scoring strategies in your test
    • 4 No.s of 1-to-1 classes covering detailed assessment for 4 self-practices. Each self-practice is timed and scored apart from multimedia feedback of responses
    • 2 No.s of detailed trainer-led feedback for 4 practices over 160 questions in IELTS Reading 
    • In total, 10 No.s IELTS Reading mock-test like practices with detailed feedback, including trainer-lead feedback for 8 IELTS Reading practices
    • At INR 375/- per session (7 sessions on a 1-to-1 basis) for  Complete preparation for your IELTS Reading 
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