This post details IELTS Academic Writing Task-1 in detail. Many students flounder when it comes to writing and especially IELTS Academic Writing Task-1 they are clueless on how to approach the test and score well. 

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in IELTS Academic Writing Task-1 poses innumerable challenge with word count management, proper grammar, coverage of the graphs/ pictures/ map in the question.

Here, we focus upon demystifying few of the challenges and provide you a sample to read and familiarise on how to score good in IELTS Academic Writing. For finer nuances and techniques you should consider enrolling for Engramm's IELTS course

Basic Tips for IELTS Academic Writing Task-1

Tips for IELTS Writing Task-1

In this task, you may be asked to describe a chart (or) a picture (or) a map. You are also tasked to write about the chart/ picture in at least 150 words. 

Let us look at a sample question as well as the model answer to help you build towards your goal of scoring high in IELTS test.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. 

The charts below show the favourite takeaways of people in Canada and the number of Indian restaurants in Canada between 1960 and 2015.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words. 

IELTS Academic Writing - Chart-1

Let us take a few moments to give a look at the two graphs and understand the aspects to highlight in our writing

Key inputs to analyse

Prior to starting to jump into writing, you should spare 2-3 minutes on understanding the charts and phrase questions in yourself. Below are few questions that you can look into

  • What type of charts are these
  • What is portrayed in the first chart and in the second chart
  • Key inferences each of first and second chart
  • What are the links between the first and second chart
  • What catches your eye – For example: for some students the prominent and least prominent catches their eye, for other students a pattern sticks in their mind

The opening

Students often struggle upon ‘how to start’ writing these. That is where the following tips help in building your first paragraph

  • You should mention the type of chart, heading of both the charts and paraphrase them
  • Mention the date range as well the unit(s) if any

The Model Answer

Having collected all the inputs and an broad idea about the opening paragraph, we will now look at the model answer for this IELTS Academic Writing Task-1 question

The pie chart illustrates the type of takeaway food that is popular in Canada, while the bar chart depicts the count of Indian restaurants that existed in Canada between 1960 and 2015. The Chinese and Indian takeaways are the favourites, and the number of Indian restaurants in Canada rose steadily during this period.

According to the pie chart, Chinese and Indian takeaways are the most popular, at 34% and 26% respectively. The other two types of takeaways that people liked were Italian at 10% and Persian at 9%. The bar chart details the trend of the number of Indian restaurants in Canada and indicating its popularity growth over the period. The rising trend was evident from 1960 onwards, with the highest increase, in percentage terms, during the 1990s, from about 5000 restaurants in 1990 to almost 8000 in 2000. Since 2007, the number has remained stable at over 9000.

In summary, the number of Indian restaurants in Canada had seen a steady increase from 1960s to mid-2000, post which it stabilised

(171 words)

  • Word Count

    Word count in perfect range. Neither too little nor too many words

  • Word usage

    Good vocabulary range, no repetition of words and appropriate words used to describe the overall sense of the charts

  • Coverage

    Both the charts covered has been covered with the relation between the charts explained in detail

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