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IELTS Resources are a complete set of guides, e-books, coaching, training inputs on your weak areas, blogs, requirements for IELTS and related areas of of its acceptance et al. 

The most comprehensive and up-to-date information about your IELTS can be found and sufficient updating of information to keep the visitors and learners updated of various news around IELTS.

Srishti’s IELTS Resources is an outcome of thousands of man-years of experience in learning, implementing and ensuring success to thousands of students aspiring to crack IELTS. The resources, where appropriate, are categorised towards IELTS Academic, IELTS General and IELTS for UKVI.

If you wonder ever on where should I look for information on IELTS, these resources will provide you all relevant information. Whatever be your aspiration of studying in an English speaking country or immigrating to a country on account of work or improved lifestyle reasons, IELTS is mandatory. 

What more!!! you will also find information on how should you plan, learn and win in your IELTS attempts and materials are all included here. 

Srishti Assessment

Sahasriya/ Srishti always believes in assessments that should be of the best quality and at the same time assess what is relevant. With hundreds of man-years of experience in training, Srishti has devised a detailed and impactful assessment process being applied during your IELTS preparation course with us. Take a look at the extensive process deployed for your IELTS success with us in the below infographic

Assessment Advantage

Srishti IELTS - Complete learning experience

Srishti’s courses are designed to provide complete learning experience to learners. Our pride is to deliver the best experience such that our learners get the best learning experience to meet and exceed their learning-objective. Counselling to Pre-Assessment to Orientation to Regular practice to Mock Tests – Srishti’s IELTS preparation course provides for everything

Complete Learning

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