As always, we are excited to bring you the details about IELTS test and help you build strategies, tips and techniques. We also provide free Assessment for your IELTS preparation. This post is about latest IELTS Speaking and details and samples all the 3 parts of IELTS Speaking. This latest IELTS Speaking is a result of a candidate who had shared her inputs after her IELTS exam in India. Latest IELTS Speaking is detailed on the exam topic that she encountered and shared the details with Engramm to be of benefit to our students.
When we speak about the IELTS Test, Engramm provides numerous free resources apart from structured courses for students' success. This Latest IELTS Speaking is an example for that.

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Latest IELTS Speaking

Latest IELTS Speaking - April 2022​

Here is an IELTS Speaking Sample for Part-2 question shared by our students and our sample response. 

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Latest IELTS Speaking: A language you learnt

Describe a thing you did to learn another language
You should say

      a) what language you learned?
      b) what you did?
      c) how it helped you learn the language?
and explain how you felt about it

Important tips

  • You should take a piece of paper and note down the key words that comes to your mind around prizes/ awards
  • You should start a timer and set it to go-off after 1 minute
  • Collect your thoughts and quickly check if you are responding to all the points mentioned above
  • Here are some vocabulary words related to the topic

  • You may use these or could have built a set of your own vocabulary based on the topic
  • That 1 minute time provided can be used for aspects like this
  • Language related Learning related Adverbs & other useful words
    foreign language

    spoken language



    levels of learning

    job opportunities

    speaking in that language

    everyday learning





    higher levels


    IELTS Speaking Sample Answer

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    can be used as a guide to build your speaking

    Let us get started with the sample
    I learned a foreign language that is English. English is the most widely spoken language, and I believe there are more job opportunities for people who know more languages.
    I registered for a course at a language institute in my city to learn this language. At the beginning, I was counselled on my level of English language skills through a free pre-assessment. I always was sceptical about assessments as I feared it exposed my weaknesses. But then this institute conducted the pre-assessment in a discrete fashion. After that, I realised that this institution Engramm was able to counsel me and submit a detailed report card of my skills which provided me the confidence to take up English course with them. Soon after, the Covid-19 pandemic started and I had to transition to online learning. More importantly, they had online learning model with access to their system and a trainer available virtually to handhold my learning.

    Engramm application has helped me a lot of practice speaking English and their trainers devised lessons for my everyday learning that have helped me learn about listening and writing. With the Engramm system, my English skills has significantly progressed, one step at a time. Engramm easily presented the tasks, and the structured everyday practices was extremely beneficial. Also, there were motivation for reaching different levels and practicing daily, which encouraged me to keep going.

    I have learned English for three months, and I am delighted that now I can speak and write flawlessly in English language. The most important to learning another language is learning hard and finding the proper way. For me, registering for a course to learn the language was not enough, follow up with the Srishti learning techniques was more helpful.
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